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Myths and Facts

Many people have concerns or worries about hypnosis based on misconceptions they have. These misconceptions may be based on things they might have seen on TV, in the movies, or in stage shows. Listed below are some common misconceptions, and the actual facts about hypnosis

M: The person being hypnotized will be under the control of the hypnotist, and can be made to do or say anything the hypnotist wants.

F: No matter how deeply hypnotized you become; you will remain in control throughout the session. You cannot be made to do anything you do not want to do, or anything that you are uncomfortable doing.

M: People become trapped in hypnosis and cannot “come out” of it when they want to.

F: People can end hypnosis whenever they want.

M: People have to be very “hypnotize-able” or “suggestible” or“gullible” for hypnosis to work.

F: Research has indicated that the vast majority of people can benefit from hypnosis.

M: During hypnosis, people are unconscious.

F: During hypnosis, people are not asleep or unconscious. Although they may feel very relaxed, they are active participants in the hypnosis session.

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