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Hypnosis involves learning how to use your mind and thoughts in order to manage emotional distress (e.g. Anxiety, stress), unpleasant physical symptoms (e.g. pain, nausea), or to help you change certain habits or behaviors ( e.g., smoking, overeating) Although hypnosis sessions may differ depending on a particular client’s needs, sessions typically have two basic phases:

First Phase

The first phase is called an induction. During this phase, your therapist may help you to relax, may ask you to imagine a peaceful scene and will help you to become more focused and concentrated on what you need to accomplish during your hypnosis session.

Second Phase

The second phase is called an  application phase. During this phase , your therapist will make suggestions to you. For example, if you are experiencing anxiety, your therapist may suggest that during and/or following hypnosis, you will be calmer or less bothered by feelings of anxiety. If you are experiencing pain, your therapist may suggest that following hypnosis, you will no longer experience pain, or that you will be better able to manage any pain you do experience. The suggestions are the key ingredients of hypnosis because they are targeted to treat your specific symptoms or difficulties.

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